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Be A Model Of The Month

1. Want to be featured as This Month’s Online Model?  Hide

We are accepting submissions of Female and Male photos to be in our “This Month’s Online Model” section on Match. All submissions will be archived and a choice will be made at the end of every month on who will be the next featured Online Model. Some lucky models will appear on the front intro page of Match depending on the quality of their photos.

2. What happens if I submitted my photos, but didn’t make it for This Month Online Model?  Hide

Don’t worry! We save all submissions that are clear and not blurry and go through it each month to choose who will be featured. Once we choose a featured Male or Female Model, the photo is then moved out of our archive and into the model directory, thus not letting us post your photos twice. If you are not selected this month, there could be a chance for your photo to be chosen next month… We choose two models each month to be featured, one male and one female.

3. How do you judge on who will be chosen?  Hide

How we choose the model depends on the month, to be fair to everyone we choose a male and female each month. So the better the photos, the better the chance at getting chosen. Any photos that are blurry, unclear or have been edited with fancy graphics will be deleted.

4. What type of photos can I send?  Hide

“The quality must be good and not blurry”

Female or Male posing or candid shot photos are welcome.

Photos with written on them or exposing the name is allowed and will give you a better chance at being selected!

Partial Nudity is ok but will be covered up, we do not except pornographic photos. “Example. Sexual Toys, Intercourse, Full nudity, Etc.”

All photo submissions must be JPEG, or GIF formats, all others will be deleted.

5. What if I have some full nudity photos?  Hide

You may send it and we will blur out or cover up anything that may offend other users and visitors.

6. How many photos can I send?  Hide

You can send us as many photos as you like, if we pick a photo that you have submitted, chances are other photos that you may have submitted to our Archive Directory will be chosen later in time. So you can send us as many photos you like.

7. Do I get paid for being’s “This Month’s Online Model” ?  Hide

No, Sorry but the Model of the Month is for publicity only. So to make this site more interesting to our members and visitors, we are accepting photos for our Love model section. So if you are looking to submit your photos to make money, then this place is not for you. But if you want to be featured because you like to show off your look or maybe would like to do it in case some modeling agent sees you on this site then you’re more then welcome to submit any photo you may have. Again some photos submitted will be used in our Match banner ads and promotions as stated below.

8. Once my photo has been submitted to Match, will they use my photo in site advertisements or promotions?  Hide

Yes, your submissions give us the rights to use your photo in ad banners, site promotion graphics, etc. This will enable us to better represent the kinds of users on the site, through advertising with photos of our Models to promote the Match site to others. Not all photos will be used. We state this in case we see an awesome photo that we know will make a great banner ad addition, or promotion photo. Most of our models are experiencing higher traffic to their personal sites due to this…

9. Will you be making money off my photos?  Hide

No, all submissions will be used in site promotions only, like Featured Model, and small advertisements for the site, like banner ads, and so on. No photos will be used in ways where the viewer must pay.

Well that’s it! If you’re in acceptance with our terms then feel free to submit as many photos as you like.


Upload Your Model Photos
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Attach File: When emailing us make sure you attached the photo(s) you want to submit.

Model Name: Include your username on, as it will be your model name.

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Read The Terms Carefully Before Submitting Your Photos

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